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"The 8 Biggest Lessons I learned as an HR Consultant" by Margarita Flores

Anne Flores has been working as an HR Consultant for the past 18 years. In that time, she has experienced a lot of HR issues that her clients had to deal with.
In this ebook, Anne Flores will be sharing "war stories" of what she learned from these challenges and how you can apply the hard-won lessons she got in your own business or team.
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Margarita Torio

About Us

DANCHE Training and Consultancy was started by Margarita Anne Flores in 2016. Margarita has been an HR Consultant for the last 18 years. She distills what she learned from helping over 100 clients and turns them into best practices shared through high-impact workshops.
With her team, she goes around the country guiding students from the government and the private sector through interactive workshops that transfer essential workplace skills. Your dream of improving your team could quickly become a reality if you turn to us for help