How to Create and Nurture a High Performing Organization

How to Create and Nurture a High Performing Organization

Have you ever found yourself end up almost retiring yet still trying to find that work-life balance?

Frustration in the workplace sets in when you start being envious of your officemates or colleagues living "the Life" while you are still trying to find that elusive "work-life balance". But there's a twist to this: The more that you seek balance all the time, the more likely you are to fail.

There is no perfect balance - so stop looking.

Life's like that -- fluid and dynamic. You don't need to feel as though you need to live up to a certain standard, set by someone else. Though it pays to become aware of different behavioral patterns that either support or sabotage your desired outcome at a personal and an organizational level, it could be observed that things has recently evolved into one about corporate culture. This paved the way for companies vying to be called "The best place to work for". Learn more.

We react differently to challenges

Stress is your body’s response to changes in your life. Because life involves constant change (ranging from changing locations from home to work each morning to adapting to major life changes like marriage, divorce, or death of a loved one), there is no avoiding stress. (Source:

In our country where mental health concerns are of the least importance because we would rather prioritize food in our mouth, we ironically find a vast ocean of stressors. In the workplace, at home, and even at your favorite bars where you are supposed to find happiness, so to speak. Stress comes in all forms and shapes.

What could be stressful for you might not be for others. In other words, it is experiential and we create our own unique perception of what we encounter in life. With the right skills which you will learn from us, coping with these stressors is a piece of cake. Learn more.