HR 101: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

Think the way successful HR practitioner’s do, regardless of your experience level.


No matter what area of HR you specialize in, there are basic skills and doctrines in HR that apply to everything. These are the foundations upon which all other HR practices are built on. If you don’t have a masterful grasp of the basics, you may end up creating faulty HR policies or implementing correct ones the wrong way.

For most veteran practitioners, they had to go through years before they became familiar with these. We’ll try to shorten your learning curve to 2 days so you walk away with lessons that would have taken years to imbibe.

Here’s what you will learn in this workshop:

● Understanding what HR can do to help the business grow ● Decide what areas HR will help out with in the business● Basic principles that will make your HR role easier● Data driven HR practices that get results● Managing demographic changes (millennials vs veterans)● Who you need to be to be a great HR practitioner● Dealing with policies and how to make them generate results

By the end of this workshop, you’ll understand your role better and how you fit into the better picture of the company’s operation. Once you understand how HR practice works, you’ll find things easier to implement. 

Schedules for 2020:
Feb 7 | March 13 | May 15 | June 12 | July 10
August 14 | Sept. 18 | Oct. 23 | Nov. 13 | Dec. 04

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