HR 104: Performance Management

Taking your employee's performance to the next level


Are you ready for the next level? After you complete the Performance Management System, this takes things further. You’ve set the pace in the first level, this workshop equips you with the tools to maintain and strengthen the culture you’ve set. 
This training also reviews the roles and responsibilities at different levels and emphasizes the best practices and techniques. 
Here’s what you’ll learn: 
● What performance management is all about ● How to measure the performance of each employee● How to create a SMART Goals ● Process of performance management ● What to do with non performer employees● How to reward performer employees● Explain the benefits of using a performance development plan and the consequences of not having one in place. ● Distinguish the elements of an effective, integrated performance development system ● Devise SMART annual performance objectives/goals ● Understand the role of the Manager/Supervisor and the employee in the performance development process ● Provide a culture of respect and trust within the performance development process by effectively coaching, listening to the Superiors.● Practice giving and receiving objective and constructive performance feedback with confidence● Identify best practices in handling challenging situations in performance management
You’ve started something great in level 1, let’s ensure that you maintain the momentum with level 2.  

Schedules for 2020:
Feb 28 | March 20 | April 6 (Monday) | May 29 | June 30 (Tuesday) July 31 | August 21 | Sept. 11 | October 30 | Nov. 27 | Dec. 18

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