Mentoring and Coaching for Leaders

Getting results without tears, shouting or threats


Force doesn’t always work. Do you notice that despite shouting, threatening or laying down ultimatums, some employees refuse to cooperate with the team? That’s because disciplinary measures should be your last resort. There are more efficient ways to get lead your team -- not to mention relieve you of the stress of shouting all the time.
The reason you are always tired is you keep pushing your employees. What if you can attract them towards your goal instead? That’s where mentoring comes in. 
Here’s what you will learn: 
● Define what Mentoring and Coaching is all about so you know when to do it● Identify good incidents when you should Mentor and Coach● Creating changes in people’s lives through Mentoring and Coaching● Dealing with unreceptive mentees● Avoiding over-dependent subordinates● Putting a stop to power-tripping● Setting right expectations● Using the right coaching and mentoring words to get results
Imagine if you’re able to get the same or better result with a fraction of the effort involved. That’s what mentoring and leading can get you. Leading people can be fun again.

Schedules for 2020:
Feb 10 | April 20 | June 08 | August 10 | Oct 05 | Dec. 14

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