Performance Management

Inspire your team to give their best… effortlessly.


One of the primary roles of a leader is to ensure that their team produces results for the organization. But leaders find that difficult to do if their team members are dragging their feet due to lack of motivation. In addition, they may be confused about what is expected from them because they haven’t been oriented what the goals are in the first place. This can be complicated by the fact that you don’t know how to give actionable feedback.
The solution is creating a system which rewards deserving employees, gives them feedback to allow them to adjust and motivates non-performing employees to do better. These are the 3 goals of a working Performance Management System which you will be learning about in this workshop.
Here are some things you will learn:
● Understand the path of least resistance to Optimum results● Tools to improve employee performance systematically● How to plant the seeds for a harmonious working relationship● Learn how to involve other employees in decision making activities● Track and monitor employee performance individually● Align Key Performance Indicators with company goals● Fix feedback mechanisms and make them generate results automatically● Know what behaviors to prioritize for bigger results● Deal with unresponsive subordinates and leaders● Minimize loss of time due to excessive attendance issues● Fix poor appraisal methods
Our goal in this workshop is to make it easy to generate results through your team members automatically. The key is a system which will manage their performance. Once their performance is measured and dealt with, your results should effortlessly come as a consequence of that. 

Schedules for 2020:
April 16&17 | July 16&17 | October 15&16

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