Records Management

How to tame your records system and make it work for you.


Every organization has records, but they tend to be out of control. You may be doing your best to tame the ever-growing number of files and information coming into their work, but you realize that you’re fighting a losing battle due to the volume. Since you don’t have a system in place, it takes so much time to retrieve the information you need. Worse, a loose records system will leave you vulnerable to losing important documents which you need to grant employee or customer benefits or decide on important matters. This adds to your stress because you know that any day, someone may request a document and you have no idea where to find it.
The good news is that all records can be organized. All it takes is the proper strategy and methodology. This workshop will share with you the best practices that will enable you to create, run and make use of a records system that works for you.
Here are a few things you will learn:
● What information you should put down in your “record"● The best way to make use of these records for decision-making● How to store records with the least space and cost possible● Ability to retrieve any record in 5 minutes or less● Automatically determine what records to keep and what to dispose● Using the 5-S method to records keeping● Securing the privacy of your clients records in accordance with the Digital Privacy Law
Using what you learn at the Records Management Workshop, you will stop wasting time with tactics that produce little or mediocre results and direct your records system to store the right records and give you the right information anytime you need it to. You can finally rest and feel secure knowing that you have a valuable archive of information ready to support you at work.

Schedules for 2020:
March 26&27 | June 25&26 | Sept. 24&25 | Dec. 10&11

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