HR 102: Recruitment and Selection

Growing your team the right way, with the right people.


A mark of a successful business is the ability to scale up and grow. HR is primarily responsible for all the steps involved in this process. How to attract, screen and set up these applicants for success within the organization.

But a lot of things can go wrong if you’re not trained to do this type of HR work. Where do you source the best applicants? How do we entice them to work with us? How do you structure a job offer? Are there questions you’re not allowed to ask in an interview? What paperwork would be needed to get things moving? What contracts are needed?

That’s why you need a recruitment system that’s been tested in the field. You’ll get acquainted with a framework for growing your team whenever you need it.

Here’s what you will learn:
● Understand the Recruitment and Selection process;● How Recruitment and Selection help the growth of every organization;● Learn how to conduct interviews that identify qualified candidates;● Get acquainted with the tools used in Recruitment and Selection;● Understanding Job Analysis and Job Competency model;● Learn what a Probationary Contract should contain
Getting the right people in the right positions would do a lot towards accelerating your company’s growth. And it all starts with the right recruitment process and the skills to run it.

Schedules for 2020:
Feb 20 | March 12 | April 30 | May 21 | June 15 July 23 | Aug 6 | Sept. 3 | Oct. 29 | Nov. 12 | Dec. 17

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