Strategic HR Planning

The absence of a plan is a plan in itself, to fail.


The best way to motivate a team is to give them a goal to aspire for. What better way to set a team goal than by gathering everyone, aligning their personal goals with the company’s vision, and creating a plan to achieve this together. This is what a strategic planning workshop can do for you.

In this workshop, we will:
● Address demotivated employees and unproductive workplaces ● Align your Mission with your Vision● Assess the best fit between employees and their job● Uplift employee morale by letting them know that they MATTER in the Organization ● Identify the weaknesses and strengths of every employee ● Making sure that every employee is aligned to the mission, vision of the Organization ● Establish training calendar to properly address the needs of every employee and to strengthen their weakness.
Every moment you run a business without a unified goal is a waste of time. Align everyone’s intention, effort and motivation towards a single direction with a strategic planning workshop today. 

Schedules for 2020:
February 26&27 | May 27&28 | August 26&27 | November 18&19 - WEDNESDAY & THUR.

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