Transformational Leadership

Ensuring success by creating new leaders


Leaders can’t sustain a company’s success forever. At some point, they need to start thinking about replicating themselves so that more leaders can bring the company to achieve more.

This workshop is all about creating more leaders within the company. These new leaders would then be able to take charge of managing changes that the company may be navigating through.

In this workshop, new leaders will learn:
● That they are drivers and enablers of changes in their environment ● Different leadership approaches● Determine which approach will work with different people● Improve skills in leading people ● Appreciate the importance of employee engagement and implementation● When is a change needed● What to change and not to change● How to communicate change● How to inspire workers● How to deal with resistance/detractors● Implementing new changes● Helping uncharismatic leaders turn things around● Managing failed mechanisms● Red flags to watch out for after implementing change● Handling issues that may arise A company will only be as strong as its weakest link. This seminar will strengthen your company from the inside out by empowering employees to be leaders in their own right.

Schedules for 2020:
March 10&11 | April 28&29 | June 9&10 July 7&8 | Sept. 1&2 | October 6&7 | Dec. 1&2

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